Asian Film Focus 2016 | Special Programme: Memory in Cinema

Special programme: Memory in Cinema by Choi Yeoung Song / 53 min / South Korea / PG

Memory in Cinema rewrites the history of Korean cinema through cineastes and their distant memories and faded films. The pivotal moments of Korean cinema remembered by the major figures in Korean film history are transformed into a documentary. The most memorable sequences that director Im Kowntaek remembers is the five minute long take shot in Seopyonje, in which he cinematises the Korean sentiment to sings one’s sorrows away and draws strength to carry on. Having lived through the Korean Way, he confesses his painful experience merged with his cinematic life and enabled him to make more honest films. Actor Ahn Sung-ki spent his whole life with film. When Korean cinema industry in the 1970s was unstable, he strayed. And when it was back on the right track in the 1980s and 1990s, he returned cinema. Lee Yong-kwan, Festival Director of the Busan International Film Festival, remembers the birth of the Festival as a crucial moment in Korean film history. As a man who has devoted his life to cinema, he will never forget the moment when the 1st BIFF opening film Secrets & Lies was screened.

Part of: Power of Asian Cinema Series

POWER OF ASIAN CINEMA is a documentary series co-produced by KBS Busan Headquarters and the Busan International Film Festival. Comprised of 10 episodes in total, the series aims to improve our understanding of Asian cinema as well as to ascertain its growth and bright future. Each episode covers films and history of cinema in 10 Asian countries. From his/her own perspective, the filmmaker looks into the past and the present of the cinema in one’s country.
Under this Special Programme, the documentaries from Thailand, Kazakhstan and South Korea will be screening at Asian Film Focus.

About the Asian Film Focus

Asian Film Focus (AFF) presents cutting edge films based on a thematic approach from the region. With screenings and dialogue sessions with Asian programmers and filmmakers, the programme strives to promote dialogue and exchange between players in the Asian independent film industries, their audiences, and their peers. To find out more about the programme click here: http://www.objectifs.com.sg/aff-2016/

This year, AFF will feature films from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Theme: Youth Today
Situated in the transitional period between childhood and adulthood, many Asian youths today live in environments saturated with media and technology that are also bound by traditional attitudes. As such, we hope to explore ideas about what it means to be a youth in an Asian society at present. What are their aspirations and fears? Do youths today share the same concerns as previous generations? What is the impact of Asia’s obsession with youth? Through looking at the differences and similarities of youth culture across Asian societies, the programme hopes to then connect to broader issues and concerns in contemporary Asia.

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Sat Sep 10, 2016
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